A new thesis at EURECOM!


Congratulations to Rosa CANDELA, PhD student in the Data Science Department, co-supervised by Profs. Pietro MICHIARDI et  Maurizio FILIPPONE, who brilliantly defended her doctoral thesis on February 22, 2021.
Topic of the Thesis: « Robust and Scalable Probabilistic Machine Learning Methods with Applications to the Airline Industry »





  • Mrs. BARALIS Elena  (POLITOItalie)             
  • Mr. LORENZI Marco (INRIA - France)                 

Jury members:

  • Mr MELLIA Marco (POLITOItalie)                  
  • Mr. LHERITIER Alix (AMADEUS France)          
  • Mrs. ÖNEN Melek (EURECOM)                                                           


  • Mr. ACUNA AGOST Rodrigo (AMADEUS - France)