System on Chip


LabSoC is a research group of the Communications and Electrical Engineering department of Télécom Paris, set up in Sophia-Antipolis in 2003. Its research activities are dedicated to complex integrated systems and embedded systems:

1) Methods, techniques and tools for their design and verification

Abstract and formal modelling, validation by ultra-fast simulation and formal techniques. Formal refinement from the abstract specifications to the actual software and hardware modules. LabSoC designs and maintains a free software, UML-based tool kit for high level design space exploration: TTool

2) Security of these systems against attacks specifically targeting their hardware implementation.

Countermeasures against side channel attacks (computation time, power consumption, ...) Countermeasures against on board bus probing and injection. Formal modelling and mathematical proofs of security.

3) Digital signal processors (DSP) architectures for telecommunications.

Trade-off between flexibility, complexity and energy efficiency of these DSPs for the so-called "Software Defined Radio".