Gender equality

The issue of gender equality has been a priority within EURECOM for several years. Indeed, it is in the quality and diversity of its students and researchers that a “Grande Ecole” and Research Center consolidates its future. Statistics show the very high male representation in the fields of new information technologies and digital science.

For more than 10 years, EURECOM has been pursuing a dynamic policy in favour of gender equality in general and particularly in the recruitment of women in its curriculum and work positions.

1- Each year a gender equality plan is drawn up. This plan analyses any discrepancies in terms of compensation, promotion and access to management functions. Indicators are established and monitored; objectives are defined in the following areas: hiring, effective compensation and working conditions.

2- Each year EURECOM calculates and publishes its “gender equality index” on its website. As of January 2024, this index is 81/100.

3- EURECOM's internal regulations fight against moral and sexual harassment, as well as all types of discrimination.

With regard to women and men who are studying or who are employed in its laboratories, EURECOM acts on four domains:

  1. Handling and prevention of remuneration gaps

Our School and Research Center prohibits any form of discrimination based on gender, maternity and paternity, parenthood during recruitment and throughout the employee's career. In order to apply the principle of equal compensation and professional development, EURECOM hires under salary scales applicable to all. These salary scales take into account objective and non-discriminatory criteria such as education background, technical skills and professional experience.

  1. Guarantee of equal access to positions at EURECOM

Job diversity is an important dimension of professional equality. It enriches the work collaboration, the cohesion of teams and thus contributes to the performance of the global organization.  

EURECOM develops the diversity of its positions with the aim of seeking, as much as possible, a balanced representation of both sexes in its positions. In order to achieve this EURECOM is dedicated to:

  • Communicate and promote the positions of faculty, research engineer, post-doctoral fellow and PhD student.
  • Implement and maintain a dynamic and dedicated HR policy in making recruiters aware of equal treatment from the hiring process to the end of the employment contract.
  • Make its partners and recruitment service providers aware of the importance of gender diversity by promoting female candidates for positions mainly occupied by men and male candidates for positions mainly occupied by women, with equal skills.

3. The balance between personal life and professional life

EURECOM works for the well-being of its staff and ensures a good balance between professional and private life. Digital disconnection, leisure spaces, forums… thus ensuring well-being at work and a fair balance with personal life.

4. The fight against sexual and gender-based violence, harassment and discrimination

EURECOM has internal regulations that clearly inform every one of his/her duties in terms of respect and proper behaviour towards others. All forms of harassment and discrimination are prohibited. 

EURECOM has a VSS representative and a dedicated contact email address: