3IA Sophia Antipolis


EURECOM is a founding member and a strong supporter of the recently awarded 3IA center of the “Region SUD”, involving Inria Sophia Antipolis, UCA, CNRS, and many other academic and industrial actors in Sophia-Antipolis. Our implication is part of a strategy to harmonize and coordinate activities around artificial intelligence and machine learning, so that the entire territory can benefit from the skills and specificities of each of the actors involved in the field.


The Data Science department of EURECOM brings its world-renowned expertise and reputation in the field of statistical machine learning, multimodal data processing and knowledge engineering which empower artificial intelligence systems, and is positioned as an example to follow for the interaction with the industry of the territory:

  • EURECOM’s partnership with SAP Labs Sophia Antipolis is a great example of our ability to interact with industry and to transfer the skills of our researchers and professors for application in an industrial environment. In this case, the focus is on perhaps one of the major challenge in AI research, that is related to its explainability; furthermore, SAP and EURECOM have established a joint AI platform to be used for their collaboration, with cutting-edge hardware such as the NVIDIA DGX-1;
  • Amadeus and EURECOM have a long-lasting, and fruitful collaboration on many aspects related to AI and machine learning. Over the last decade, the collaboration involved several teams dealing with: AI for fraud analysis and forensics, AI for business-critical endeavors such as recommender systems, revenue management and merchandising, AI for new services related to customer’s mobility, …
  • Orange, a long-term member of the EURECOM, has recently heavily invested in topics related to AI research. Our collaboration puts a particular emphasis on novel methods to provide tangible explanations from deep prediction models;
  • Renault Software Labs and EURECOM enjoy a privileged connection that allowed the creation of several research initiatives revolving on applications of AI for autonomous vehicles. These include work that address fundamental issues related to the ability to quantify and embed the notion of uncertainty, a key aspect for achieving the safety requirements underlying a real industrialization of level-5 autonomous cars.
  • EURECOM hosts a Chair of Computational Statistics funded by the AXA Research Fund to carry out fundamental research in machine learning and statistical inference to improve our current understanding of risk in life and environmental sciences.


Within the 3IA, EURECOM contributions will focus mainly on the development of the fundamental methodologies of artificial intelligence, including key aspects such as uncertainty quantification, interpretability and explainability and algorithmic efficiency and scalability.

Additionally, EURECOM will contribute to the application domains behind 3IA, namely life/medical sciences, urban mobility and its services for smarter cities, autonomous vehicles and many more.