Quality approach

EURECOM Quality Policy

As part of its missions, EURECOM train high-level engineers, committed to human values and responsible, scientifically and technically qualified in the field of digital sciences. In order to achieve this mission, the management of EURECOM decided to formalize its quality processes and to set up a quality assurance policy in the field of its training activity.

Quality processs_scheme


In order to implement this policy, EURECOM undertakes to:

  • Define and implement a general plan for the management of the quality approach
  • Put in place a strategy to evaluate the performance of its training activities
  • Allow the traceability of training activities while complying with the legal provisions on the protection of personal data
  • Provide infrastructure, equipment and resources to continuously improve training activities and programs
  • Listening to stakeholders by measuring their satisfaction
  • Develop and maintain the skills of its employees

In this context, the management:

  • Provide full support for the definition and implementation of this quality policy
  • Mobilize the human and material resources necessary for this continuous improvement policy
  • Promote the use of the process approach
  • Review and adjust the quality policy through an annual management review

For this, EURECOM:

  • Has mapped all the processes (see diagram)
  • Identified and detailed each process in the form of procedure sheets and indicators (14 processes, 71 procedures, 45 tables of indicators)
  • Has described its quality policy in a Quality Manual
  • Collects and analyzes indicators on a regular basis
  • Regularly organize quality policy follow-up meetings
  • Define and implement improvement actions
  • Follows up on improvement actions