Industrial members

The current members of the consortium


They participate in EURECOM’s bodies and boards which govern its research and academic activities.


Each year, EURECOM organizes a seminar for its partners. Dedicated to the exchange of ideas, this forum is another opportunity for partners to express their expectations while enhancing the synergy between them and EURECOM.

Beyond strengthening the ties between the school and businesses, this legal structure encourages the sharing of know-how, a better understanding of professions and a sense of ownership of EURECOM by all parties involved.

An academic partnership

Industrial members contribute to shaping student profiles according to their knowledge of the professions relevant to their business sector. They have a direct impact on courses as course content is defined in part based on their recommendations.

Industrial members also take a direct role in shaping the academic program by coming into the classrooms to make presentations, mostly within the framework of field instruction. They present large-scale projects carried out by their companies.

Finally, students devote the entire final semester to their professional thesis internship, generally in the industrial sector. Beyond giving students the opportunity to work on concrete problems which make them quickly operational, these internships are often a first step towards a first job.

A research partnership

Industrial members participate in the research activities carried out by EURECOM when the domain can be used by industry: support of EURECOM’s research projects, involvement in European, national, and bilateral research contracts.

One of the benefits of the long-term relationship developed by EURECOM with its partners is a better knowledge of each party’s research domains and capabilities.

Also, intellectual properties are reviewed and resolved in advance by EURECOM and its partners. This contractual agreement is simplified for the benefit of all partners involved.

Another benefit offered by EURECOM to its members is that the Institute is a neutral ground for meetings and exchanges between industrials, who are often competitors.