Welcome to EURECOM, one of Europe’s ICT-domain most vibrant research and teaching institutions.

Located in the glamorous French Riviera, at the heart of Sophia-Antipolis technology parks, our research mission could ideally be summed up as “excellence with relevance!”.  Our labs strive for academic excellence in all the key areas of digital sciences, covering the diversity of topics in cybersecurity, data science for artificial intelligence, networking for the future internet, and next generation mobile systems. In all these domains, EURECOM is recruiting the brightest minds to push the frontiers of knowledge, competing at the highest international level for grants, citation index, and awards. As an example, no less than 15% of our Faculty have been awarded the highly competitive ERC (European Research Council) grants in the last years, one of Europe’s highest ratio!

Yet, excellence would be lost without much needed relevance. In that respect, tight research collaboration with industry has always lied in the DNA of EURECOM. In fact, several of our industrial partners share with us the governance of our school, steering our research strategy together with 11 of Europe’s best technical universities. With our partners, we design tomorrow’s communication and intelligent transport networks, machine learning and cybersecurity solutions and more.

Then, there is societal relevance too. Some of our recent research focuses on use cases ranging from AI for health (automatic cancer detection etc.), energy-aware machine learning, protection of data privacy, green and low-emission wireless networks, and smart autonomous transports to fight congestion in our future smart cities.  All giving great examples for young researchers to realize that computer and mathematical sciences are not just intellectually fun but can also serve the greater good in society.

To all these young (and less young) research enthusiasts, I would like to say happy reading. Take time in discovering our exciting new projects and reach out to us if you care about joining an all-international, English-speaking community of bright minds driven by their passion to invent tomorrow's digital society!

David Gesbert, Director