EURECOM is a young teaching and research institution, which has succeeded in taking its research in digital sciences to the best level worldwide over the last three decades. 

In teaching, strengthening our programs, we have evolved towards our own diploma, first with our two post master’s degrees accredited by the CTI and then with four masters “DNM” also accredited by the State.

2021 will be an important year for EURECOM’s future as we have reached the accreditation stage to obtain our general engineering degree. This state diploma will allow us to propose our teaching to a wider range of French students, while continuing to recruit abroad, mainly in Europe, and to educate open-minded engineers ready to face the challenges of the industry.

Every year, we educate about 75 doctoral students with the target to reach 100. We also welcome 300 students in the different degrees and masters aiming to further grow and exceed 400.

Our success is driven by the passion and the commitment of a collaborative team of dedicated faculty and staff who strongly believe in their institution. 

Today, thanks to all, we can be proud of our results and look forward to the future, which will bring us new exciting challenges for teaching, research and innovation.

Welcome to explore our website!

Ulrich Finger, Director