Humanities and Social Sciences


G AddLang 2023 Additional foreign language
G B_INNOV 2023 2022 How to adopt the right posture and move from idea to market!
G CitiCom 2023 Engagement citoyen
G CSE 2023 2022 The challenges of a sustainable economy
G I&E 2023 Innovation and entrepreneurship EIT (external course)
G ManagIntro 2023 2022 Introduction to management
G Property 2023 2022 Intellectual property law
G RDI 2023 2022 Responsible Digital Innovation: Risks, Ethics and Technology
G ResDigit 2023 Sustainable issues for digital economy
G StudCom 2023 Engagement étudiant!
G StudInit 2023 Student Initiative
G T3E 2023 Environmental transition and business ethics
G TeamLead 2023 2022 Personal Development and Team Leadership


G AddLang 2024 Additional foreign language
G Business 2024 Business Simulation
G CitiCom 2024 Citizen Commitment
G GeoBal 2024 Geopolitics Balance
G Innov 2024 Let's innov !
G Law 2024 General introduction to law : contracts, setting up a business
G ProjMan 2024 Project management
G SATT 2024 Sociological Approaches of Telecom Technologies
G StudCom 2024 Student Commitment
G StudInit 2024 Student Initiative
G TeamLead 2024 Personal Development and Team Leadership
G WebStra 2024 Web strategy and organizational Performance