European Double Master Degrees

Recognized internationally as a leading institute in terms of teaching and research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), EURECOM is pleased to have been chosen as a partner for 3 new Master's programs in Double Degrees.

These programs are set up with recognized institutions:

  • the European Commission (Erasmus Mundus) and
  • the European Institute of Technology (EIT Digital)

In collaboration with other prestigious European universities, EURECOM offers a 2-year double degree Master's program in the following fields:

Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO) with Erasmus Mundus

Autonomous Systems (AUS) with EIT Digital

Cyber Security (CSE) with EIT Digital

After 2 semesters (year 1) in an entry university, EURECOM was chosen for its expertise in digital sciences, as an exit university (year 2) to specialize in Big Data Security (SECCLO); Sensing, Communicating and Processing Big Data for Autonomous Systems (AUS); and Mobile and Cloud Security (CSE).

These programs are awarded by 2 National Master's Degrees (Msc in double degree): 1 master's degree from EURECOM-IMT and 1 master's degree from the partner university (+ an EIT study certificate in the case of the EIT Digital masters ).

Academic regulations EIT Program

Academic regulations SECCLO