Registration and Health Insurance


Students from TELECOM Paris, IMT ATLANTIQUE, TELECOM SudParis and from other schools of the INSTITUT MINES TELECOM (both member and associate schools)

You will remain enrolled in your school of origin regarding academic registration and health security scheme during the period of your studies at EURECOM. You should contact the administration of your home school to comply with their regulations. Tuition fees are set according to the terms and conditions of each school and should be paid to your school of origin. Additionnal fees may be paid to EURECOM according to conventions between schools.

ERASMUS students

EU Students should require a European Health Insurance Card before leaving their country and make sure the validity will cover the whole stay in France. Non-EU students should have their own private insurance covering the stay or they can alternatively subscribe to a French private insurance scheme.

International students enrolled in a degree awarding program with Télécom Paris (double degree...)

You will receive an email sent by Télécom Paris before the start of the academic year with a link to complete the registration process  (and obtain a student card) and register to the French Health insurance scheme if uou are a non-EU student.

Students enrolled in a Master and Post Master's degrees

Academic registration and affiliation to the heatlh insurance scheme will be handled by EURECOM. Payment of tuition fees will be made according to the pre-admission document sent after admission.


National student health insurance

All students, regardless of their nationality, are obliged to have a valid health insurance during their studies in France. 

The Health Insurance in France is called "Sécurité Sociale" or "Sécu" and is manager by the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie). More information in English.

Please refer to your profile below for more information:

European students

EU students are exempt from having to register with the French student health security scheme. They will remain affiliated to the health insurance scheme in their home country. However, they should bring along with them the European Health Insurance Card. This card should be requested at the local health services agency in their home country before coming to France.

Students can forward their requests for reimbursements to the health agency in their home country or ask for reimbursement in France after a few necessary administrative procedures. Please be aware that this card will be required as well for the housing benefit (CAF).

Non- European students under 28 years old

Non-EU students enrolled in a degree-awarding program must register with one of the two student health insurance schemes: MEP or LMDE.

Students need to fill a form upon arrival and pay 215€/ academic year (depending on your situation, Telecom Paris or EURECOM will be responsible for collecting this sum). The social security coverage starts on october; 1st  2015 until september; 30th 2016.

Non European students over 28 years old

Non European students over 28 years of age before October 1st are not entitled to the French student health security scheme. They must take a private social and medical insurance (It can be a local surance from their country or a French private insurance).

They can be eligible for the free supplementary health insurance coverage (“Couverture Maladie Universelle Complémentaire” or “CMU-C”). If so, they need to make sure that the private social and medical insurance they subscribed to is without a deductible or a maximum limit. They also need to bring a statement of yearly income / financial resources received during the last two years (2013 and 2014) to receive it for free. The statement can be an official document from their previous employer (salary sheets) or tax certificate.

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