Disabilities management

"Constitutes a disability, within the meaning of this law, any limitation of activity or restriction of participation in life in society suffered in his environment by a person due to a substantial, lasting or definitive alteration of one or more functions. physical, sensory, mental, cognitive or psychological, a multiple disability or a disabling health problem. ".

80% of disabilities are invisible!

At EURECOM all positions are open to people with disabilities!

We also have a structure to support people with disabilities, employees and students. The first contact is our Disability Referent.

The mission of the Disability Referent is multiple. He is responsible for piloting, coordinating and operationally monitoring the disability policies of the company and the school. Its main role is to support (or organize support) staff and students with disabilities.

Thus the disability referent ensures a mission that has 4 dimensions:

            – a "trusted third party" who informs / guides / accompanies people with disabilities,

            – an interface, a facilitator who links the different internal / external actors

            – a pilot for actions / projects / an action plan or even a disability policy,

            – an "ambassador" for the employment of people with disabilities.