Membership policy

To carry out its missions, EURECOM has built a network of members and partners.

These memberships may be focused on teaching, research or sponsoring.

Academic members and industrial members of the Consortium

They participate in the management, direction and financing of EURECOM, and participate in the school’s decision making bodies (the Members Assembly and the Scientific Advisory Board). Academic members sit on the Teaching Board.


Industrial membership

Enterprises are a link of the network developed by EURECOM for contract-based research projects. Unique to the Sophia Antipolis site, industrials also take part in the curriculum design of the school through the projects they propose to students.


Academic membership

Academic institutions contribute to research and teaching based on their needs and areas of specialization.


Research Labs

They are part of the networks of national or international, private or public, research labs.


Institutional Members

They represent national, regional or municipal organizations.