• MICHIARDI Pietro
  • EURECOM - Data Science
  • Department Head, Professor
  • Pietro.Michiardi@eurecom.fr
  • 04 93 00 81 45
  • 433
  • http://www.eurecom.fr/~michiard


Pietro Michiardi teaches two courses that focus on the design and the analysis of large scale distributed systems, and algorithms:

  • "Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing" gives comprehensive view on recent topics and trends in distributed systems and cloud computing, including parallel processing systems, distributed database systems and modern datacenter design.
  • "Algorithmic Machine Learning" provides an applied approach to algorithmic problems arising in practical data science projects, and is centered on parallel and distributed computing frameworks.

Sujets de Recherche

  • Scalable Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Computational Statistics
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems

Selection de Publications