Projet de recherche


The research project allows students to apply the skills acquired during their training. Supervised by a teacher, it puts students in a situation where they are working on concrete research and development projects, in line with current industrial or research topics.  

Teaching and Learning Methods: 

  • Choice of the project from a wide list of proposals at the beginning of the semester
  • Research and development project in small groups
  • Pedagogical supervision by a teacher
  • Independent work and regular progress reviews

Course Policies:

  • The project represents 100 hours of actual work.
  • The detailed deliverables are defined for each project by the referent teacher.


The bibliography depends on the project.


Master 1 level.


The research projects are usually in response to industrial needs. At the beginning of the semester, students make a list of choices from a list of projects proposed by the professors.

Supervised research projects are based on real case studies of industrial interest. They combine a mix of theoretical and practical work (developing new prototypes and tools, testing new technologies, assessment of current systems and solutions…). Students can work individually or in groups of 2/3. The expected workload is 100 hours of individual work per semester. A defence is organized at the end. The projects provide students with practical skills by allowing them to put concepts into practice.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Be autonomous in solving a technical problem
  • Be able to search for information and write a bibliography
  • Be able to mobilize a range of skills to analyze, specify and develop solutions to a technical problem
  • Be able to apply project management techniques to deliver results on time
  • Be able to present the results of the project orally and in writing in English

Nb hours: 100,00


  • Project management: coeff 1
  • Study of the problem: coeff 2
  • Results: coeff 2
  • Oral defence: coeff 1
  • Written report: coeff 1