6G Excellence Scholarships

EURECOM 6G Excellence scholarship program

EURECOM is a top-ranked research lab and graduate school within ICT area, located in Europe’s premier high-tech park Sophia-Antipolis, in one of the world’s attractions, the French Riviera. EURECOM is a joint-venture by some of Europe's leading Technical Universities and industry labs.  Its Communication Systems department is known for its contributions to theory & practice, with a large number of EU projects participation, including several ERC and ITN Marie Curie projects. This department is also the creator and leader behind world's pioneering open-source 5G radio experimental platform OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OAI).

EURECOM proposes a Master of Science in Intelligent Communication Systems for talented students. The Master is fully taught in English.  


For our next 2023 fall intake (September 2023), EURECOM and the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance, have combined their forces to jointly establish a new 6G Excellence scholarship program open to highly motivated students who wish to pursue a Master of Science in Intelligent Communication systems and who can demonstrate their interest in the future intelligent networks (6G) and their potential in some of the following fields:

Wireless Communications, Mobile Computing, Networking, Mobile Applications and Services, communication theory, Signal Processing and learning for networks.


Candidate selection is based on excellence and motivation.


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Field of study:


Eligible Master offered at EURECOM: Master of Science in Intelligent Communication Systems


Type of Awards:


  • Up to Two 6G Excellence scholarships with a monetary value of 5.000 euros.


Target group:

All excellent students applying to our master in Intelligent Communication Systems with strong interest in future intelligent networks (6G).


Scholarship payment:

For external applicants, the program includes 2 (two) 6G EXCELLENCE scholarships of EUR 5.000 for the complete master duration (24 months). The scholarship is paid out to the awarded student after arrival at EURECOM (Nov-Dec 2023 to be confirmed).

Please note that :

  • Accommodation, tuition fees, visa fees, etc. must be paid by scholarship holders and non-holders alike.
  • Scholarship can’t be combined with other EURECOM’s scholarship programs (Carnot scholarship or partial tuition fee waiver’s program.)
  • Scholarships are to be used for intake in academic year 2023/24 only.
  • The payment of the scholarship is conditioned on the student starting his MSc program in the Fall 2023 (it can’t be deferred to a later time).




Three Criteria:

  1. holding a Bachelor’s degree in a related field (Computer science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Engineering, etc) from a recognized top university :
  • must appear in one of the international ranking list: THE, QS, ARWU
  • or in Top 50 Chinese Universities according to ARWU , Top 50 Indian engineering colleges or universities (NIRF India)
  • Depending on the case, top universities of the country appearing in THE, QS, ARWU, CS Ranking, Scimago by subject : Computer Science and ICT;  or Location:  Asia or Latin America ranking or in QS BRICS, Asia, Latin America, Arab Region or EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) ranking
  1. Minimum Overall GPA score of 3.5/4 (Or CGPA of 7/10) or belonging to the top 10% of your graduating class (an official document issued by your university that proves you are among the top 10% of your graduating class, such as a statement signed and stamped by your University, a reference letter, a class ranking certificate, etc.)
  2. Demonstrate a proven interest in future intelligent networks (6G) and some of the fields of specialization: Wireless Communications, Mobile Computing, Networking, Mobile Applications and Services, communication theory, Signal Processing and learning for networks (a short letter of explanation will be required).
  3. Knowledge and willingness to work within the OpenAirInterface Alliance are very strong assets.

The selection of candidates and the granting of the scholarship is done based solely on the evaluation of the academic records of the candidates, their motivation (interest in future intelligent networks/6G) and the recognition of their university.

Application instructions:

The application is done via the same online form as your application to a Master’s program (https://admission.eurecom.fr/en/).     

It is however necessary to specify in your motivation letter that you also want to be considered for one of the 6G Excellence scholarships.

Besides the normal application package, you will also be asked to upload three (3) additional “6G Excellence scholarship” specific documents:


  1. Proof of excellence of your university (ex: screenshot of ranking webpage)
  2. Your overall GPA or belonging to top 10% of your class (one page where the information is highlighted)
  3. One short letter describing your past experience/courses and interests in the field (one page maximum).


Applications can be filled online from 01 February to 01 June 2023.

Accepting an offer

Scholarships need to be accepted within two weeks of formal notification. Scholarships not accepted will be reallocated. Please ensure you check your contact email regularly.


Need more info?

Take a Virtual Tour of EURECOM here:



Check the video’s presentation of the Master here:



Info on the OAI alliance here:



Don’t hesitate to contact us at admission@eurecom.fr if you need further information