Introduction to management


This course is like a mini-MBA (Master' in Business Administration) and covers much of the same ground as a business school classical post-experience MBA (though not in the same depth). This is one of a triad of related courses all of which are of special interest to those intending to become managers (practically everyone!), or, eventually, owners of their own companies.

Teaching and Learning Methods: Lectures, team exercises and presentations

Course Policies: On-time class attendance is mandatory; three unapproved absences mean exclusion.


Book (not mandatory, but recommended):

  • Book: PETTINGER R. Introduction to Management. Red Globe Press, 2006, 667p. (Palgrave) – available at the Eurecom school library

Online materials provided, including:

  • Business Terms Glossary
  • Cases studies specially written for the course
  • Online videos specially created for the course
  • Decision-support tools including Decision Matrix


Curiosity about how the real-world works


This is, as far as possible, an interactive course. You will often work in small teams to investigate business problems, and, sometimes, present and defend your conclusions. In most classes, we will discuss current real-world business-related issues and try to link our understanding of them to the course.

Learning outcomes:

  • Be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of managers,
  • Show your ability to develop and analyze alternative business strategies, and design practical solutions,
  • Read and interpret common critical financial reports,
  • Choose, and use, appropriate decision-making tools,
  • Interpret, and modify, development and operation workflows, and
  • Understand real-world business in a broad and practical manner. 

Nb hours: 42.00


  • Final Exam (50% of the final grade)
  • Class participation (20% of the final grade)
  • Exercises and presentations (20% of the final grade) - team and individual
  • On-time class attendance and (end-of-class) Learning Log (10% of the final grade)