Additional foreign language


Foreign language courses at EURECOM cover beginner to advanced levels, depending on the language chosen and the student’s individual needs. Our courses are designed to achieve the following objectives in the four major language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing).

Students may choose from: Chinese, English, French as a Foreign Language (FLE) (if not native), German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

One language is required each semester. This course allows students to choose a second or even a third language.

Teaching and Learning Methods: The teaching methods depend on the language chosen and are detailed in the files of each EC of Languages (LANG).

Course Policies: Attendance at class sessions is mandatory.


The bibliography depends on the language chosen and is detailed in the files of each language CE.




The objective is to apply the languages in concrete situations, notably

  • During internships, job interviews, or, international jobs
  • During studies in international universities
  • During business trips abroad
  • To understand and hold formal and informal discussions

The achievement of these objectives will be aided by role-playing exercises. The focus of the course is on communication and conversation.

Learning Outcomes: The language courses are organized by level: the learning outcomes by language and by level are detailed in the files of each language CE.

Nb hours: 22.00

Evaluation: Final grades consider test scores, work class and attendance/participation throughout the course.