Joint State Sensing and Communication : A Preliminary Result and Vehicular Applications

Prof. Mari Kobayashi -

Date: September 4th 2018
Location: Eurecom - Eurecom

Abstract: We consider a communication setup where a transmitter wishes to simultaneously sense its channel state and convey a message to a receiver. The state is estimated at the transmitted by means of an implicit generalized feedback, i.e., by an additional channel output that is observed at the transmitter in a strictly causal way. The scenario is motivated by a joint radar and communication system where the radar and data applications share the same bandwidth. For the case of a memoryless discrete channel with i.i.d. state sequences, we characterize the capacity-distortion tradeoff, defined as the best achievable rate below which a message can be conveyed reliably while satisfying some distortion constraint on state sensing. An iterative algorithm is proposed to optimize the input probability mass function. We demonstrate through some examples the benefits of joint sensing and communication compared to a separation-based approach. We conclude the talk by providing some challenges towards mobility-driven applications such as vehicular to everything (V2X) communications. Bio: Mari Kobayashi received the B.E. degree in electrical engineering from Keio University, Yokohama, Japan, in 1999 and the M.S. degree in mobile radio and the Ph.D. degree from École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris, France, in 2000 and 2005, respectively. From November 2005 to March 2007, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. In May 2007, she joined the Telecommunications department at CentraleSupélec, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, where she is now professor. She is the recipient of the Newcom++ Best Paper Award in 2010, the Joint Information Theory/Communications Society Best Paper Award in 2011. Since September 2017, she is on a sabbatical leave at Technical University of Munich (TUM) as an Alexander von Humboldt Experienced Research Fellow.

Permalink: https://www.eurecom/seminar/71524