Device and method for transmitting payload data with repetitions of a coded waveform

Knopp, Raymond

There is provided a transmitter device (1) for transmitting a digital input message corresponding to payload data through a communication channel (3), the payload data comprising B1 payload bits, the transmitter device comprising:

- a waveform generator (10) configured to determine a transmission waveform in N dimensions from said B1 payload bits, the transmission waveform being represented by a signal vector s comprising L components sl(m);

- an outer code generator (11) configured to generate an outer code xn from additional B2 bits, the outer code being represented by a vector xn comprising Nreps components;

- a repetition unit (12) configured to spread the information contained in the waveform s across Nreps time slots;

- a combining unit (14) configured to combine said waveform s with the outer code sequence xn, which provides a combined signal xnsl, the components of the outer code xn modulate the waveform coming from at least a part of a time slot;

the transmitter device being configured to transmit the combined signal in a particular repetition n over the communication channel using the transmit antennas. 

Communication systems
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