Hybrid beamforming for bidirectional massive MIMO full duplex under practical considerations

Sheemar, Chandan Kumar; Slock, Dirk TM
VTC Spring 2021, IEEE 93rd Vehicular Technology Conference, 25-28 April 2021, Helsinki, Finland

In-band Full-Duplex (FD) is a promising wireless transmission technology allowing to increase data rates by up to a factor of two, via simultaneous transmission and reception,
but with a potential to increase system throughput even much more in cognitive radio and random access systems thanks to simultaneous transmission and sensing. In this work, we consider a practical hybrid beamforming design for a bidirectional massive MIMO FD system under the joint per-RF and sum-power constraints taking into account also the non-ideal circuitry of the transmit and receive chains with the limited dynamic range
(LDR) noise model. The per-RF power constraints take into account the actual physical limits of the power amplifiers and the sum-power constraints are imposed to limit the total transmit power. The precoders are optimized by using the minorizationmaximization
approach. At the receiver side, the combiners are then designed to estimate the data streams with the minimum mean-squared error (MMSE) criteria. Simulation results show
significant performance improvement compared to a traditional bidirectional half-duplex system.

Communication systems
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