A comparative study of sparse recovery and compressed sensing algorithms with application to AoA estimation

Bazzi, Ahmad; Slock, Dirk T.M; Meilhac, Lisa; Panneerselvan, Swarnalathaa
SPAWC 2016, 17th International IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, July 3-6, 2016, Edinburgh, UK

We investigate the performance of some sparse recovery and compressed sensing algorithms when applied to the Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) estimation problem. In particular, we review three different approaches in compressed sensing, namely Pursuit-type, Thresholding-type, and Bayesian-based algorithms. The compressed sensing algorithms reviewed herein are of vast interest when applied to AoA estimation problems because of
their ability to resolve sources with a single snapshot and without prior knowledge of the number of sources. We compare the performance of these algorithms in terms of Mean-Square Error (MSE) through simulations.

Invited paper in a conference
Communication systems
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