Cramer-Rao bounds for hybrid localization methods in LoS and NLoS environments

Papakonstantinou, Konstantinos; Slock, Dirk T M
APLEC 2010, IEEE Advances in Positioning and Location-Enabled Communications, September 16, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

Performance bounds provide a solid theoretical ground for comparing different localization methods. Similarly to the actual performance, they depend on two factors, namely the accuracy of the available data that are used for localization and the geometry of the network. While the impact of the accuracy of the available data has been studied extensively, the literature on the impact of network geometry is still poor. Specifically only a limited number of papers examines hybrid methods and no paper considers NLoS environments. This contribution is a first attempt to fill this gap. Through straightforward derivations, meaningful expressions for the Cramer-Rao bounds of a Hybrid method are derived. Emphasis is given to the NLoS case, where the results reveal the scenarios under which the accuracy is low.

Communication systems
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