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  • REBOUD Alison


  • In 2017, Alison Reboud graduated with an MSc degree in IT & Cognition from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The title of her thesis was "Predicting the outcome of judicial decisions at the European Court of Human Rights using communication texts", a Natural Language Processing (NLP) topic. Beforehand she obtained her bachelor at University College London in Economics and Statistics.
  • Currently, Alison is a PhD student at the Data Science department of EURECOM under the supervision of Benoit Huet.
  • She is working for the European project MeMAD (, more specifically on Deep multimodal models for empowering audio-visual storytelling.
  • In 2018/2019, she worked full time for 10 months as a Data Scientist at iCourts, research center at the faculty of  law of the University of Copenhagen and for 3 months as a AI Engineer for the startup Cobiro, Copenhagen, Denmark