• MERIALDO Bernard
  • EURECOM - Data Science
  • Professor Emeritus

Current Research Interest

  • His research interest is the analysis, processing, indexing and filtering of Multimedia information to solve user-related tasks.
  • His research covers a whole range of problems, from content extraction based on recognition techniques, content understanding based on parsing, multimedia content description languages (MPEG7), similarity computation for applications such as information retrieval, and user personalization and user interaction for the construction of applications.
  • He has done several projects on video segmentation and classification, summarization, classification, object tracking, 2D and 3D statistical modeling, personalization.
  • He is interested in applications such as Multimedia Information searching, filtering and data mining.

Current Research Memberships

  • He participates in numerous conference program committees.
  • He is part of the organizing committee for the CBMI workshop.
  • He was editor for the "IEEE Transactions on Multimedia" and organizer of the ACM Multimedia conference in 2002.
  • He often acts as an expert and reviewer for French and European research programs.
  • Senior member of the IEEE and member the ACM.