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"Modeling Heterogeneous Vehicular Trac for Intelligent Transport System Applications"

This dissertation models and analyzes heterogeneous traffic flow, with a particular focus on mixed traffic flow consisting of cars and two-wheelers. The increase in traffic congestion has forced commuters to switch to powered two wheelers (PTWs), i.e. motorcycle, mopeds and scooters, because of their high maneuverability and space efficiency. The growth in number of PTWs combined with their unique mobility features, results in a complex traffic characteristics which are difficult to recreate with the existing modeling approaches. We develop an analytical model that can accurately reproduce the traffic features in a mixed flow of cars and PTWs. The traffic stream is decomposed into two vehicle classes, PTWs and cars. The fundamental properties are derived by employing a porous flow approach. It is assumed that the speed of a vehicle class is dictated by the physical and motion properties of the vehicle class, and the distribution of free spaces on the road. We propose an approximation method to derive the free-space distribution. In order to explore broader aspects of the traffic flow characteristics notably required by intelligent transport system (ITS) applications, we formulate the model in the Lagrangian and the Eulerian frameworks. Further, we provide a numerical method for the discretization of the mathematical model. We analyze the flow characteristics of mixed PTWs and cars traffic and identify important properties, which give insights for future ITS solutions and traffic policy makers. The applicability of the model for different ITS applications is illustrated. Finally, the developed model is validated using a microsimulation tool.