FAONIO Antonio

FAONIO Antonio
  • FAONIO Antonio
  • EURECOM - Digital Security
  • Assistant professor classe 2
  • Antonio.Faonio@eurecom.fr
  • 04 93 00 82 90
  • 393
  • https://www.eurecom.fr/~faonio

Current Research Topics

  • Pairig-Based Cryptography
  • Leakage and Tamper-Resilient Cryptography
  • Non-Malleable Cryptography

Current Research Interest

His research interests are in tamper-resilient and leakage resilient cryptography, re-randomizable public-key cryptography, verifiable Mix-Nets, succinct proof systems, subversion resilient cryptography, and cryptography secure against space-bounded adversary.

Current Research Memberships

Lead together with Prof. Dario Fiore a project for adoption of zero-knowledge proofs for one of the major banks if Spain: https://noticiasbancarias.com/bancos/10/05/2020/bbva-y-el-instituto-imdea-software-investigan-tecnicas-de-criptografia-avanzada/211644.html (in English https://noticiasbancarias.com/bancos/10/05/2020/bbva-y-el-instituto-imdea-software-investigan-tecnicas-de-criptografia-avanzada/211644.html)