Three new doctors at EURECOM !


Congratulations to Theoni MAGOUNAKI, Gia-Lac TRAN and Emanuele COZZI who defended their doctoral thesis on December 14, 2020.

  • Theoni MAGOUNAKI, Communication Systems Dept, thesis topic: «Real-time Performance Evaluation of TDD Reciprocity Calibration for Distributed Antenna Systems»
  • Gia-Lac TRAN, Data Science Dept., thesis topic: «Advances of Deep Gaussian Processes: Calibration and Sparsification»
  • Emanuele COZZI, Digital Security Dept., thesis topic: «Binary Analysis for Linux and IoT Malware»



A new ERC Consolidator Grant for EURECOM !


Marios Kountouris, Prof in the Communication Systems Dept, has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant with is project SONATA. He is the fourth EURECOM professor to obtain an ERC grant.
His project envisions a radically new goal-oriented communication paradigm that accounts for the Semantics of Information, i.e., the significance and usefulness of messages with respect to the goal of data exchange. SONATA will transform our fundamental understanding of when, what, and how to generate, process, and transmit data.

Our warmest congratulations for this great success!

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A new double degree agreement between EURECOM and EDHEC


Throughout this double course, the students enrolled in the program “Grande Ecole de L’EDHEC” and the engineering students from “Eurecom” will develop additional knowledge and skills in the fields of finance for the student of Eurecom and Internet of Things for the student of l’EDHEC.

“The Internet of Things” represents a new stage in the digital revolution. Its significant increase has revolutionized many business sector such as the industries- transport or energy. It will require from our future managers a high level of knowledge and expertise to master these challenges.


IEEE Young Author Best Paper Award 2020


Congratulations to Marios Kountouris and his co-authors for receiving the IEEE Communications Society Young Author Best Paper Award 2020!

Student Recruitment and International Relations


    In spite of the confinement we continue our meetings (online) with the students of the Academic members of the GIE EURECOM to present the courses of study and the course of study proposed to the future students who will join the Sophia Antipolis campus.
    The next scheduled meetings are as follows:

    2/12 - 12.15: CHALMERS University with Prof. David Gesbert
    4/12 - 10.00: TU Wien with Prof. Florian Kaltenberger
    7/12 - 12.00: ITMO University with Prof Maurizio Filippone
    9/12 - 12.30: Université de Liège with Prof. Marc Dacier

    for more information please contact : 

Accessibility of the EURECOM Campus


The EURECOM campus is open from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm in compliance with health and physical distancing rules.

All arrangements have been made to enable our teams to remain in contact with you in the best conditions, as well as with our users.
In general, we remind you of the "barrier gestures" to be carefully observed to limit the spread of the virus 

A new Ph.D at EURECOM!


Congratulations to Sebastian PÖPLAU, PhD student in the Digital Security Department, supervised by Prof. Aurélien FRANCILLON, who brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis, on November 20, 2020.

His thesis subject was entitled: « Increasing the performance of symbolic execution by compiling symbolic handling into binaries»


Mr. CADAR Cristian (Imperial College London - England) 
Mrs. REZK Tamara (INRIA Sophia Antipolis – France)                         

Jury members:
Mrs. ZENNOU Sarah (Airbus - France)                                        
Mr. HAUSER Christophe (University of Southern California - USA) 
Mr. BALZAROTTI Davide (EURECOM)                                                   

Mr. YAKDAN Khaled (Code Intelligence – Bonn, Germany)                      
Mr. FRANCILLON Aurélien  (EURECOM)                    






2020 Fall Intake


The start of the new school year will take place on 28 September 2020, on a dual campus approach. Follow the news for the new academic year here!

A third ERC grant to EURECOM


Davide Balzarotti, Professor at Dept. Digital Security is the third teacher-researcher awarded an ERC to EURECOM with its BITCRUMPS project, "Towards a Reliable and Automated Analysis of Compromised Systems» Earned in December 2017. The main objective of BITCRUMBS is to rethink what we call the “incident response” (IR).