Thanks to this class, you will understand why an innovative project cannot be considered as a regular project. You will learn how to take the market into account at a very early stage in project management, how to link technology and needs and how to lead in a time of uncertainty and complexity. You will be trained to build a solid and convincing launching strategy as a team on specific cases that you choose. Whatever the nature or maturity of a project, you will learn to identify its potential and market, to choose the most relevant positioning and to build a viable business model.

You have an innovative idea that you would like to expand in the market. You want to know if you are made for entrepreneurship. You plan to work in a R&D company or in an innovation department. Or you are simply curious to know how to innovate better. This course is for you!

Teaching and learning methods: The pedagogy of this course is deliberately interactive through the application of new concepts studied on concrete cases. We will use the pedagogical tools developed by Vianeo (card game, paper canvas, digital platform) and the participants' cases throughout the course in teams of 5 or 6.

Course Policies: Mandatory attendance. Between 2 courses, work on collecting information, further analysis, updating or preparation.


No mandatory but 3 recommended books:

  • Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur – Business Model generation - English and French version

  • Eric Ries - The Lean startup - English and French version

  • Philippe Silberzahn – Effectuation: Les principes de l'entrepreneuriat pour tous- French version


No prerequisite.

This course will be even more interesting for those who already have an entrepreneurial project, even at the idea stage.


You will first discover the different concepts and methods specific for innovation. Then you will be placed in a real-life situation on innovation cases, as if you had a start-up project or to develop an innovative project within a company. You will conduct your project in team from the idea to the definition of the go-to-market strategy and the presentation of the pitch to convince a jury of the relevance of the project.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explain the specificities of innovative project management vs. traditional projects

  • Master the key aspects and vocabulary of innovation management (innovation vs invention, theory of effectuation, design thinking, lean start up, business model, value proposition...)

  • Build the market strategy for an innovative project by mobilizing appropriate methods and tools at each stage of the reflection process


  • Present, justify and argue the strategy to convince

  • Adopt an appropriate posture for the management of innovative projects

Number of hours: 42,00


  • Knowledge quizzes

  • Validation of the realization of each step of the project (Vianeo platform delivery)

  • Final report evaluation by the trainer at the end of the course.

  • Evaluation of the pitch by a jury during the last session