One of the aspects that left me stunned here at EURECOM is the passion for research, a very contagious passion! While I was here as a double degree program student I neither knew what research were, but after a few years. here i am, completely involved in this rich and stimulating world! During the two years that led me to the “diplome en systemes de communication” I studied in harness with doctoral students and teachers that are leaders of national and international research. All I was studying began to have not only a practical implication in the tech-business world but also a direct relevance for technological progress.
Starting as a simple technology implementer I could become a technology inventor, working in partially or totally unexplored research domains. This is the reason why, after having obtained also my “Master of Science in Computer Engineering” at the Polytechnic of Turin in Italy, I came back here at EURECOM in order to begin a Ph.D.
Now I’m part of an international group of researchers leading, among other things, an important european project, with a very good salary and career perspective.
Tony (Politecnico di Torino)


Here at EURECOM the international experience exchange students usually quest for is lived in an intensity I couldn’t imagine before. I am not only coming to know and appreciate the culture of my host country France. Due to the fact, that the majority of students and professors comes from a multitude of other countries, I also get the opportunity to get a picture of many different places of the world every day. The small classes and the familiar atmosphere permit a lot more exchange than lectures in usual universities would do. This way even very demanding topics are fun! In addition I’d rather not do without the chance to practise English in an international environment during the classes, while switching to French during the pauses and in everyday life. The opportunity to set an emphasis on a certain topic, in my case IT security, was a major facilitator for my choice of EURECOM. Despite the small size of the institute, I was surprised by the breadth of the courses offered. I found a lot more interesting topics than I could possibly fit into my schedule. But also apart from studies one does not get bored. The region, one of Europe’s most beautiful ones, offers many lovely places to visit, there is a large number of possible sport activities and - last but not least - the student’s office also organises quite a lot.
To sum it up: Recommendation with emphasis!
Dennis - TU Munich