Multimedia research at Friedberg

Rudolf Jäger - Prof. at University of Applied Science / Fachhochschule Gießen-Friedberg
Multimedia Communications

Date: -
Location: Eurecom

Abstract: A) Object oriented Interactivity The first topic deals with object based interactivity in Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) Television systems. Based upon pre-recorded MPEG-2 video material an object annotation and synchronization scheme has been designed and implemented enabling the viewer to actively interact on previously marked video objects. The framework comprises an authoring process which extracts the necessary Meta data the introduction of a new timeline in the transport stream and the synchronization process at the client site. B) QoS in LAN The second R&D topic aims to develop an QoS Scheme to be used in LAN where no specific layer two and layer three supported of QoS features such as DiffServ, IntServ are available. An application layer based software is currently under development comprising topology discovery, traffic analysis, traffic shaping mechanism and new signaling. The framework is supposed to provide the required QoS for V/A streaming in LAN environment. C) Recommendations for TV user The last topic deals with Recommendation Systems for digital Television. A Recommendation engine as well as Personal Program Guide was developed to generate recommendations for the TV user. Currently new algorithms are investigated to combine linear and non linear content for generating user?s recommendations.