Millau: an encoding format for efficient representation and exchange of XML over the Web

Girardot, Marc; Sundaresan, Neel
Computer Networks, Volume 33, Issues 1-6, June 2000

XML is poised to take the World Wide Web to the next level of innovation. XML data, large or small, with or without associated schema, will be exchanged between increasing number of applications running on diverse devices. Efficient storage and transportation of such data is an important issue. We have designed a system called Millau for efficient encoding and streaming of XML structures. In this paper we describe the Millau algorithms for compression of XML structures and data. Millau compression algorithms, in addition to separating structure and text for compression, take advantage of the associated schema (if available) in compressing the structure. Millau also defines a programming model corresponding to XML DOM and SAX for XML APIs for Millau streams of XML documents. Our experiments have shown significant performance gains of our algorithms and APIs. We describe some of these results in this paper. We also describe some applications of XML-based remote procedure calls and client-server applications based on Millau that take advantage of the compression and streaming technology defined by the system.

Data Science
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