Enhanced transmission of random access signals

Wagner, Sebastian; Knopp, Raymond

There is provided a method of performing a RACH procedure to provide a User Equipment UE access to a network (3) in a communication system (100), the network comprising at least one base station, the RACH procedure comprising at least one step in which a RACH message is sent from the UE to the base station on one or more uplink channels, the message comprising a PRACH preamble transmission, the PRACH preamble being selected among a number of available preambles, the PRACH preamble transmission being made within a set of RACH slots. The method comprises encoding auxiliary information in said PRACH occasions and transmitting said auxiliary information to the base station (2), said auxiliary information being encoded using an outer code and an additional code determined from the bits of the PRACH preamble. The auxiliary information may be for example PUSCH transmission information when the RACH message comprises a PUSCH transmission or self-contained information or user data. 

Communication systems
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