A software platform for distributed multimedia applications

Blum, Christian;Molva, Refik
MMSD 1996, IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Software Development, March 25-26, 1996, Berlin, Germany

The paper discusses the functionality that a platform for distributed multimedia applications should provide. Five platforms - Touring Machine, Beteus, Lakes, Medusa and IMA - are presented and evaluated. The paper then intro-duces a new platform that is geared towards service provision in larger networks. In this platform, application and media processing are logically and per default geographi-cally separated. Applications reside in application pools inside the network and control sets of multimedia termi-nals in the periphery. The platform is built on top of CORBA, and is thus defined as a set of IDL interfaces. The platform supports application development with high level programming interfaces, and can be further enhanced with tool-kits for special application classes. A tool-kit for tele-conferencing applications is presented at the end of the paper.

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