Optimizing low-complexity analog mappings for low-power sensors with energy scheduling capabilities

Mouris, Boules A.; Stavrou, Photios A.; Thobaben, Ragnar
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Vol. 9, N°18, 15 September 2022

Power consumption is a major challenge for a massive deployment of wireless sensors in Internet of Things (IoT) networks. This article studies the use of analog joint source-channel coding (AJSCC) mappings in low-power sensing schemes. In particular, we propose a novel triangular mapping geometry as a low-complexity dimension reduction mapping. The proposed triangular mapping is employed for analog compression of multiple sensor readings into one signal and, thus, limits the need for power-hungry analog-to-digital conversion and processing at the sensing nodes. A comprehensive performance analysis of the proposed triangular mapping in terms of the mean squared error (MSE) performance is provided analytically and verified numerically. The problem of mapping adaptation to different source distributions is also studied. Moreover, the proposed triangular mapping is adopted in an energy scheduling problem in which the sensing nodes schedule their use of the received powers at different time instants and adjust the mapping parameters accordingly with the goal of minimizing the sum distortion at the receiver. We present a fast low-complexity algorithm for optimal energy scheduling and verify its performance in comparison with commercial convex optimization solvers. It is shown that the proposed mapping provides a very good MSE performance compared to the AJSCC benchmarks despite having a much lower complexity circuit implementation.

Communication systems
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