ProZe: Explainable and prompt-guided zero-shot text classification

Harrando, Ismail; Reboud, Alison; Schleider, Thomas; Ehrhart, Thibault; Troncy, Raphaël
IEEE Internet Computing, Special issue on knowledge-infused learning for computational social systems, 8 July 2022

As technology accelerates the generation and communication of textual data, the need
to automatically understand this content becomes a necessity. In order to classify text, being it for tagging, indexing or curating documents, one often relies on large, opaque models that are trained on pre-annotated datasets, making the process unexplainable, difficult to scale and ill-adapted for niche domains with scarce data. To tackle these challenges, we propose ProZe, a text classification approach that leverages knowledge from two sources: prompting pre-trained language models, as well as querying ConceptNet, a common-sense knowledge base which can be used to add a layer of explainability to the results. We evaluate our approach empirically and we show how this combination not only performs on par with state-of-the-art zero shot classification on several domains, but also offers explainable predictions that can be visualized.

Data Science
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