Goal-oriented communication for networked intelligent systems

Kountouris, Marios; ?Pappas, Nikolaos
SPAWC 2021, 22nd IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, 27-30 September 2021, Lucca, Italy

Wireless networks are evolving to cater to emerging cyber-physical and mission-critical interactive systems, such as swarm robotics, self-driving cars, and smart Internet of Things. A fundamental shift in thinking is necessary to satisfy the requirements for real-time communication, autonomous decision-making, and efficient distributed processing.

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce the fundamental concepts, tools, and methods in goal-oriented communication. We present a paradigm shift that aims at redefining importance, timing, and effectiveness in future networked intelligent systems. We highlight key functionalities required for reliably conveying only information that is timely and valuable for achieving end users’ goals. We also discuss the potential and the challenges associated with this promising avenue of research.


Communication systems
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