From univariate to multivariate time series anomaly detection with non-local information

Audibert, Julien; Marti, Sébastien; Guyard, Frédéric; Zuluaga, Maria A

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are attractive alternatives to more traditional methods for time series anomaly detection thanks to their capacity to automatically learn discriminative features. Despite their demonstrated power, different works have suggested that introducing engineered features in the time series can further improve the performance. In this work, we present a feature engineering strategy to transform univariate time series into a multivariate one by introducing non-local information in the augmented data. In this way, we aim to address an intrinsic limitation of the features learned by DNNs, which is they rely on local information only. We study the performance of our combination compared to each individual method and show that our method achieves better performance without increasing computational time on a set of 250 univariate time series proposed by the University of California, Riverside at the 2021 KDDCup competition.

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