Improved device and method for transmitting control data with low peak-to-average power ratio

Knopp, Raymond

There is provided a transmitter device (1) for transmitting a digital input message corresponding to control data used in a control channel (for example, PUCCH, PUSCH or PRACH) through a communication channel, the transmitter device comprising a set of transmit antennas, the message m comprising a number B of bits. The transmitter device comprises:

- A binary code generator (100) configured to generate a binary code (fi) from the B bits of the message;

- A binary interleaver (102) configured to apply interleaving to the binary code, which provides an interleaved binary code (gi);

- A sequence selector (103) configured to determine a sequence (rl(ml)) of low peak-to-average power ratio vectors which depends on the message from the interleaved binary code, the sequence being associated with a sequence index,

the transmitter device (1) comprising a single-carrier or multi-carrier modulator for each transmit antenna configured to apply single-carrier or multi-carrier modulation to the combined sequence and transmit the modulated combined sequence over the communication channel using the transmit antennas. 

Communication systems
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