Device and method for transmitting control data with low peak-to-average power ratio

Knopp, Raymond
European Patent Application EP3985895 A1, 20 April 2022

There is provided a transmitter device (1) for transmitting a digital input message corresponding to control data used in a control channel (such as PUCCH, PRACH, PUSCH) through a communication channel, the transmitter device comprising a set of transmit antennas, the message m comprising a number B of bits. The transmitter device (1) comprises:
- a sequence selector (102) configured to determine, from the B channel bits, a sequence, associated with a sequence index, comprising a set of low peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) vectors (rl(m))depending on the message and on the sequence index;
- a code sequence generator (103) configured to generate an outer code sequence (wl(m)) from said B channel bits;
- a combiner (104) configured to combine the sequence of low peak-to-average power ratio vectors (rl(m)) with the outer code sequence (wl(m)).

The transmitter device (1) comprises a modulator for each transmit antenna configured to apply single carrier or multicarrier modulation to the combined sequence, the transmitter device being configured to transmit the modulated combined sequence over the communication channel using said transmit antennas. 

Communication systems
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