IEEE TCCN special section editorial: Intelligent resource management for 5G and beyond

Wu, Yulei; Simeonidou, Dimitra; Wang, Cheng-Xiang; Yu, F. Richard; Choi, Sunghyun; Xue, Guoliang; Ksentini, Adlen
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking, Editorial Note, Vol.6, N°2, June 2020

Learning from massive network data to produce cognitive knowledge for efficient resource management in 5G and beyond 5G (B5G) is still challenging. We are delighted to introduce the readers to this special section of the IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking (TCCN), which aims at exploring recent advances and addressing practical challenges in the intelligent resource management in 5G/B5G. We have received a total number of 30 submissions, and after a rigorous review process, 15 articles have been selected for publication, which are briefly discussed as follows.

Communication systems
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