Revisiting face processing with light field images

Chiesa, Valeria

In the last century, several biometric traits have been investigated according to the most updated technologies available at the moment, improving recognition, computational time and memory capacity. 

Starting from the 90's, research on biometrics has received a huge boost thanks to the interest raised by academic institutions, government agencies and private companies. Moreover, the diffusion of new instruments, able to perform faster analyses, and to store more data, simplifies the development of biometric systems.

Together with the advancement of processing machines, innovative acquisition devices providing non-conventional data have been developed. The investigation of the impact of new technologies applied to specific topics is a mandatory step in order to improve the performances on biometrics.

The main goal of this thesis is to present a non-conventional acquisition technology as light field, to study face analysis performances using images collected with a specific camera, to compare the results with those obtained using data from similar devices and to prove the major benefit provided by the use of up-to-date device over standard cameras in biometric field.


Digital Security
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