Linked open data validity : A technical report from ISWS 2018

Abderrahmani Ghor, Tayeb; Agrawal, Esha; Lisena, Pasquale; et al.
Technical Report, 26 March 2019, Submitted on ArXiv

Linked Open Data (LOD) is the publicly available RDF data in the Web. Each LOD entity is identified by a URI and accessible via HTTP. LOD encodes globalscale knowledge potentially available to any human as well as artificial intelligence that may want to benefit from it as background knowledge for supporting their tasks. LOD has emerged as the backbone of applications in diverse fields such as Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, and many more. Nevertheless, regardless of the specific tasks that LOD-based tools aim to address, the reuse of such knowledge may be challenging for diverse reasons, e.g. semantic heterogeneity, provenance, and data quality. As aptly stated by Heath et al. "Linked Data might be outdated, imprecise, or simply wrong": there arouses a necessity to investigate the problem of linked data validity. This work reports a collaborative effort performed by nine teams of students, guided by an equal number of senior researchers, attending the International Semantic Web Research School (ISWS 2018) towards addressing such investigation from different perspectives coupled with different approaches to tackle the issue.

Data Science
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