Virtual identity performance evaluations of anonymous authentication in IDaaS framework

Gomaa; Ibrahim; Abd-Elrahman, Emad; Saad, Elsayed; Ksentini, Adlen
IEEE Access, Vol.7, 18 March 2019

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) is one of the most famous fruitful authentication services for cloud deployment to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. It is a third party approach for identity management including creation, authentication and privacy assurance. In this work, the Virtual Identity (VID), as a new realization for IDaaS terminology which can be used in virtual environments is proposed to improve the user privacy and to provide the anonymous Single sign-on (SSO) in such types of distributed environments. Actually, two VID frameworks based on Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) and Pseudonym-Based Encryption (PBE) approaches are proposed and then implemented using MIRACL library. The VID approaches performance is evaluated analytically by implementing a mathematical model based on BCMP (Baskett Chandy Muntz Palacios) queuing model. In addition, a simulation based evaluation using OPNET Modeler is introduced to compare the analytical based BCMP queuing model against the OPNET simulation results. Moreover, the proposed approaches are compared against state of the art work.

Communication systems
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