Strong authentication in intelligent networks

Molva, Refik;Etique, Pierre-Alain; Hubaux, Jean-Pierre
ICUPC 1994, 3rd IEEE Annual International Conference on Universal Personal Communications, 27 September-1 October, 1994, San Diego, USA

The intelligent network (IN) architecture is designed to enable rapid deployment of new services in telecommunication networks. But the security of this architecture, and of the new services based on it, must be guaranteed. For example, it is likely that for sensitive services a simple PIN authentication will not be considered as secure enough by customers. We propose a solution for a strong user authentication in an IN, addressing the diversity of user terminal equipment. We also present the necessary extensions of the distributed functional plane (DFP), the associated cryptographic protocols, and the new service independent building blocks (SIB) which can be used for introducing strong authentication in a service specification.

San Diego
Digital Security
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