Demo abstract - Design and implementation of an open source NB-IoT eNB

Cheng, Ray-Guang; Knopp, Raymond; Ho, Chung-Yin; Hsu, Kai-Hsiang; Liu, Tian-Jen; Chen, Wei-Tai; Hsieh, Bing-Zhi; Kanj, Matthieu; Taburet, François; Nikaein, Navid
INFOCOM 2018, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, 15-19 April 2018, Honolulu, HI, USA

Narrowband Internet-of-things (NB-IoT) is a new standard developed by 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP) to provide IoT services in licensed spectrum. It adopts existing LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) technology but each carrier only requires 180 kHz bandwidth. It allows an operator to replace a GSM carrier (200 kHz) in 'stand-alone' mode; to utilize a physical resource block of 180 kHz within a normal LTE carrier in 'in-band' mode; or to occupy an unused resource block within the guard-band of a LTE carrier in 'guard band' mode [1]. In April 2017, the OpenAirInterface(TM) Software Alliance (OSA) launches a new project to develop a software-defined-radio-based NB-IoT Evolved Node B (eNB). This poster summarizes the original research work conducted for the implementation of an open source eNB. This work can be used by researchers and users to validate important research ideas and demonstrate realistic applications [2].

Poster / Demo
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