FlexCRAN: Flexible cloud-RAN platform

Nikaein, Navid
Flex5Gware, June 21-22, 2017, Turin, Italy

Several C-RAN features can be realized using OpenAirInterface (OAI) software/hardware platforms to show a 3 tier C-RAN architecture as specified by 3GPPP (RRU, DU, CU) and NGFI (RRU, RAU, RCC). In this demo, we show some of these realizable features of C-RAN using OAI and commodity hardware. The RCC/RAU is deployed on a commodity Intel x86 PC and connected to RRUs deployed on commodity Intel x86 PCs through a Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch. Please note that, although we can use OAI software and Juju-based orchestration tools, JoX, to deploy RAN modules on a powerful server grade machines, for the purposes of this demonstration, a scaled down setup will be used. The RRU which is also realized on an Intel x86 PC is connected with commodity RF front-end devices such as USRP B210/B200mini. The RCC/RAU-RRU exchange packetized I/Q samples over raw Ethernet or UDP over the GbE fronthaul link.
Two possible LTE eNodeB protocol splits will be shown across RCC-RRU running the OAI lte-softmodem and they are summarized as follows.

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