Improving the efficiency and reliability of wearable based mobile eHealth applications

Garcia-Perez, Cesar; Diaz-Zayas, Almudena; Rios, Alvaro; Merino, Pedro; Katsalis, Kostas; Chang, Chia-Yu; Shariat, Shahab; Nikaein, Navid; Rodriguez, Pilar; Morris, Donal
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, September 2017, Vol. 40

In this paper we address the support of wearable mHealth applications in LTE and future 5G networks following a holistic approach that spans across the elements of a mobile network. The communication requirements change from one application to another so we propose a measurement methodology to facilitate the selection of the user equipment to fulfil these requirements. We also discuss a new network architecture to support traffic prioritization, RAN programmability, low latency and group communications to over-the-top applications. Our proposal is validated using several realistic experimentation platforms and the results show that mHealth systems can benefit from our approach.

Communication systems
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