Block-level de-duplication with encrypted data

Puzio, Pasquale; Molva, Refik; Önen, Melek; Loureiro, Sergio

Deduplication is a storage saving technique which has been adopted by many cloud storage providers such as Dropbox. The simple principle of deduplication is that duplicate data uploaded by different users are stored only once. Unfortunately, deduplication is not compatible with encryption. As a scheme that allows deduplication of encrypted data segments, we propose ClouDedup, a secure and efficient storage service which guarantees block-level deduplication and data confidentiality at the same time. ClouDedup strengthens convergent encryption by employing a component that implements an additional encryption operation and an access control mechanism. We also propose to introduce an additional component which is in charge of providing a key management system for data blocks together with the actual deduplication operation. We show that the overhead introduced by these new components is minimal and does not impact the overall storage and computational costs.

Digital Security
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