Three-step iterative scheduler for QoS provisioning to users running multiple services in parallel

Bhamri, Ankit; Nikaein, Navid; Kaltenberger, Florian; Hämäläinen, Jyri; Knopp, Raymond
VTC Spring 2014, IEEE 79th Vehicular Technology Conference, 18?21 May 2014, Seoul, Korea

Wireless networks are evolving continuously and expected to provide seamless experience for multiple real-time internet applications. Quality-of-service is one of the major component associated with user experience. In this paper, we have considered the provisioning of desired QoS to mobile users that are capable of running multiple internet applications in parallel. For this purpose, a three-step iterative downlink scheduler is proposed for resource management at per-userper-service level. The scheduler performs sorting in multiple iterations on the basis of three weights. In the first iteration, the scheduler performs sorting based on the throughput weight.
The second iteration latency weight and followed by buffer weight in the third iteration. The allocation of resources is done to satisfy the promised QoS to all the services of every
user. A comparison is carried out with traditional scheduling algorithms in terms of system throughput, fairness index and percentage of satisfied guaranteed bit-rate users. Results show
that the proposed algorithm outperforms existing schemes and the performance is more closer to theoretical system throughput.

Communication systems
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