Dealing with interference in distributed large-scale MIMO systems: A statistical approach

Yin, Haifan ; Gesbert, David; Cottatellucci, Laura
IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing, (Special Issue on Massive MIMO), Volume 8, N°5, October 2014, ISSN: 1932-4553

This paper considers the problem of interference control through the use of second-order statistics in massive MIMO multi-cell networks. We consider both the cases of co-located massive arrays and large-scale distributed antenna settings. We are interested in characterizing the low-rankness of users' channel covariance matrices, as such a property can be exploited towards improved channel estimation (so-called pilot decontamination) as well as interference rejection via spatial filtering. In previous work, it was shown that massive MIMO channel covariance matrices exhibit a useful finite-rank property that can be modeled via the angular spread of multipath at a MIMO uniform linear array. This paper extends this result to more general settings including certain non-uniform arrays, and more surprisingly, to two dimensional distributed large scale arrays. In particular our model exhibits the dependence of the signal subspace's richness on the scattering radius around the user terminal, through a closed form expression. The applications of the low-rankness covariance property to channel estimation's denoising and low-complexity interference filtering are highlighted.

Communication systems
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